Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ocean City Fishing Update July 16

We have been doing lots of flounder fishing lately in the bays and inshore waters around Ocean City, MD.  Flounder are always a crowd pleaser and lots of folks like to get out fishing for them while on vacation in the area.  We target flounder in with using variety of fishing techniques throughout the summer.  One of the  most popular ways to fish for them is drift fishing with a fishfinder style rig and live bait. This incorporates a weight on a slide above a barrel swivel with about 18 inches of 30 lb leader. We use a variety of live baits from minnows to spot, bunker, mullet  and others.   The bait of choice varies by the time of year.

This week we have been doing alot of old school flounder fishing.  That is drifting with minnows during good periods of tide  in clean water.  The fishing been quite good, though legal fish are tough to catch consistently in good numbers with the new size limits set at 17 1/2 inches.

Ben and Joe Ault caught these nice flounder this morning while fishing in Sinepuxent Bay with bunker and minnows.  The trick to the flounder fishing of late has been to find the cleanest water possible.  The best bite seems to be on the start of the outgoing tide, but we have been catching fish on both tides.

Will probablly be doing more of the same for the next week or so on the boat. I’ll keep you posted.

Gunpowder River Quick Update

I did fish several trips over the past weekend on the Gunpowder River.   Stream flows are good, around 75cfs and stream temps are cold, in the high 50’s.  There was a pretty steady morning caddis hatch on Friday, and fish in the riffles fell easily for a size 16 x-caddis in olive.  Fish were also moving great for a variety of terrestrial patterns fished near the banks and around logs and structure.  One of the best patterns we fished was a foam hopper in olive and tan , and a foam beetle worked good too in black with green legs. 

Here’s a shot of a local guide’s well stocked terrestrial box. Good Fishing!