Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gunpowder Fall Fishing, 50 Best Tailwaters book

Sorry to slack on the fishing update.    The boat was down for to weeks last month due to a busted gearcase, but I have been back in action for a few weeks now on both the Chesapeake bay and on  the Gunpowder.

We have had good success on several recent trips to the Gunpowder.  We are seeing the last of the years tricos hatching in mornings on certain stretches of stream, and still have some scattered caddis and blue winged olives.    Stream flows have been good, around 100 cfs and fish are biting.   Fall colors make the river a great place to spend the day.  Mike Colegrove, from Backwater Angler helped me out on a trip last week, we fished upstream of Bunker Hill road to fish rising for olive bodied caddisflies.   We took several fish on a size 16  x caddis in the riffles.

Fishing should continue to be good through the fall.  Nymphing always seems to take some good fish as  browns take on their spawning colors and prep for the late fall spawn.  Small pheasant tails and midge pupae are a good bets fished in pocket water stretches of the stream.

I recently contributed a chapter on the Gunpowder to a book titled " 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish."  The book was complied by Terry and Wendy Gunn who guide out of Lee's Ferry Lodge in Colorado.  It offers great information, hatch charts, photos and more on some of the best trout streams in the country.  The book is due for release later this month.  Check it out on facebook at "50 best tailwaters."