Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Backwater Angler finds new home base

Our friends at the Backwater Angler Fly shop in Monkton, MD have moved to a new location. The new shop is up and running in the yellow building right next door to the previous location on York Rd.

Theaux and the guys have been busy getting the new shop ship shape all week.  Be sure to stop in for any of your fly fishing needs and stream info. You can find them online at www.backwaterangler.com

Ocean City Flounder Fishing, Gunpowder Trout

Find myself fishing for flounder alot in the coastal bays this Summer.  The last week has been decent fishing,  best as always on periods of clean water.   We have had great success fishing in the ocean when we can get there, but have been fishing more regularly in the bays the last week mostly due to wind on the days we have booked.

We continue to get alot of our better size fish on live spot.  Mullet and bunker have also brought some good fish. Fishing the deeper channels has proved best for us, but chasing cleaner cooler water always seems to be the way to the fish.  We have not tried much fly fishing for the flounder this year, though we have caught a few. 

More flounder fishing on hand for this week, so I will keep you posted on the fishing.

The fly fishing on the Gunpowder River has been decent.  We have caught some nice fish nymphing the last few trips, targeting the pocket water areas of the river.  Stream flows have dropped to near 30 cfs this week, so the fishing may get a little tougher. 

Still waiting on the Trico mayflies to show up in any kind of consistent numbers.Usually by now we have a decent morning hatch of the tiny bugs and the trout love them.  This year we have not seen much mostly due to the cooler than average water temps, low 50's  the last month or so.  Hoping the lower flows will warm the water enough to get the bugs going. 

For the meantime, small dark colored nymphs will take fish when fished below an indicator with proper weight.  Tungsten putty is a good choice on low flows as you can use the smallest amount of weight to get your nymphs where they need to be.

Terrestrials are not a bad bet either.  We took some nice fish the last trip out on beetle and ant patterns fished along logs and stream banks. Try early mornings and weekdays to avoid fishing pressure.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ocean City Bay/Inshore Fishing Report, Update

Fishing has been decent here in Ocean City despite the big heat wave last week.  Good flounder fishing has eeen the highlight of the last week.  We have been targeting the flatties with a variety of techniques.  We have had good success fishing jigs around structure and in the bay back channels. A half ounce head and a 4inch Gulp grub has been tough to beat.  Fishing always best on clean water and slower tides.

Some of our best fish have come while fishing deeper channels with live baits on fish finder rigs.  Spot and Mullet have been choice baits.  Hoping that the good floundering continues through the rest of the Summer.

Striper fishing has been a bit tougher the last week.  I don't think the warm water and high heat helped that cause.  We have managed some fish though, while fishing flies and swimming plugs.  Also had some decent fish to 26 inches the other day while live lining spot.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Report, Pictures

Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River has remained good throught the first of the Summer heat waves.  Stream flows are decent in the mid 70's and water temps cool int he low 50's.  The Sulfur mayfly hatch has thinned and is nearing it's end, though hungry trout will still rise anxiously to a well presented dun.  We are seeing the fierst of the Trico mayflies in the morning hours, and hope this hatch will continue to strenghten and take hold.  Tricos have offerd us some exceptional morning  dry fly fishing from July to October in the past several years.  Terrestrial pattern will work well also through the Summer when fished tight to the banks and deadfalls.

Here are some pics form some of our recent trips. Caught alot of good fish as usual on small nymphs fished on a high stick.

Ocean City Fishing Report

Summer has shown it's true face in the last week here in Ocean City , MD.  This week we had daytime temps in the 90's + each day.  Spending the day on the water offered a bit of relief, but no doubt Summer is here to stay now with more hot weather forecast for the week to come.

Inshore fishing has offered much of the same over the last week or so.  We have coninued to target rockfish on flies and light tackle during when conditions allow.  Much of the action as you might imagine is at dawn or dusk. We have caught some rockfish in the heat of the day on a good tide drifting live spot.  Most fish have been short of legal, but good fun.  Many 18 to 26 inchers.

 Good news is that the flounder bite has picked up in the back bays.  We had several tides this week which brought in some really clean water. Clean water typically translates to good flounder fishing, and we had some good keeper fish on several trips this week.  We had a couple of nice 20 + inch fish on live spot while drifting deep water, and also some decent fish while fishing jigs and Gulp grubs. 
Somehow did not get many pics of our flounder this week.  Did get some good help on the fish cleaning end of things.  My daughter Ella always needs to be part of the action, and my friend Leslie from 94th st. had fun learning to fillet her first flounder.