Monday, April 22, 2013

Susquehanna Flats Report April 22

We have continued to fish hard each day on the flats though fishing has been tough the last week . Heavy wind seems to be a staple this Spring and has limited our fishing some days.  On days that are fit determined anglers have managed some decent fish. 

The last few mornings have been chilly with nighttime temps in the low 30's.  We landed a couple of fish on the fly yesterday our best one 34".  Still figure on some good fishing to come.  We managed a handful of fish today fishing swimbaits on light spinning tackle. The weather for the week looks decent so hopes are high.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Susquehanna Flats Report 2013

Good news to be had from the Susquehanna Flats.  We have been catching fish for almost 2 weeks  now with some exceptional fishing the last 5 days. Water conditions are the best I have seen in recent years.  Though the temps have taken a bit to warm up, we have great visibility of up to 3+ feet. Water clarity like that is unusual on the flats and makes for great fly and light tackle fishing.

We have been targeting fish with a variety of techniques.  We have caught best on flies and on swimbaits.  Fish are present on a variety of areas around the flats.  Most of our best fishing has been shallow, from 4 to 7 feet of water.  Best flies so far have been olive and white half and halfs with gold flash in a 3/0.  No topwater bite to speak of yet, but it is not far off.  I will be out every day that fit and will keep you posted.  Hope to see you out there.  Jeff