Monday, August 13, 2007

Fishing Update Busy, Busy, Busy Fishing - Ramble On

Wanted! Someone to help me keep my update up to date! 

Just Kidding, Sorry if I have not had a chance to post updates a bit more often.  I have been fishing the last 2 weeks nearly every day, we’re catching all kinds of stuff, all over the place.  I fished all last week as a mate during the White Marlin Open Billfish Tournament in Ocean City.  That took me offshore over 80 miles a day 3 of 5 days last week, with the time in between spent rigging baits, and keeping the 55 Viking I fished on shipshape.  As is normally my luck, I didn’t end up rich with the winning fish, but I did catch a White Marlin, see a few others, and manage to lose the biggest Blue Marlin I ever had hooked, nearly 700 lbs.  Heartbreaker to say the least.  So much for early retirement.

Spent the week previous week fishing inshore around Ocean City, my normal summer haunt, and we went every day.  Caught lots of flounders and a bunch of hardheads, some 18-25 inch rockfish, some trigggerfish, a couple tautog, some sea bass, a few dusky sharks, some snapper bluefish, and who knows what  else.  I’ll post some pics as I get them from everyone.  Managed to forget my camera like 3 or 4 days.

Somewhere in between all of this I did take 2 trips on the Gunpowder Falls River for stream trout with good success each time.   Had a great duo yesterday who managed to catch 7 or 8 nice browns on hoppers and nymphs.  Sharon/John if you read this please send me those shots you took and I will put them up. The river is fishing great with a constant flow of about 90 cfs.  Get out there while the flows are good.  Terrestrials are working great.

Joe Menale and company sent this shot of some flounders they caught in late July while fishing with live peanut bunkers in the Assawoman Bay.

Randy McCuaig sent some shots from a day we spent Striper fishing this Spring fishing in Eastern Bay.

Mark Wilcox shot me a picture of this nice rainbow he caught while fishing the Deschutes River in Oregon.  He never catches anything near this big when he comes with me, so I’ll just assume that is your hand Mark.

For those hunters amongst you all, my good buddies Mike Widzbor and Rob Levine sent this photo posing with their bow killed bucks from 2006.  These two 8 pointers were shot within 3 days of each other in stands only 50 yards apart.

Going fishing again in the morning, good flounder bite today on some of the near shore reef sites using 4 ounce ball jigs and live finger mullet.  We had 5 keepers in 2 hours of fishing.  Hope for some more success tomorrow.   I’ll keep you posted.