Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Ocean City Fishing Report

We fished the inshore waters out of Ocean City, MD this week.  I hoped to target some rockfish on the fly rod, along with schools of bluefish and shad that are typically present this time of year in the back bays.

Fishing proved good around the OC inlet and south jetty, as well as around the Rt. 50 bridge.  we landed alot of decent rockfish on flies and lures along the jetty.   Had good numbers of  22 to 26 inch fish and a couple in the 30 " range on Thursday evening.  The stripers bit good on both the incoming and outgoing tides.  They liked an olive and white half and half fished on a deep line on our 8 weight fly rods.

The hickory shad bit  a small, heavy, chartreuse and white clouser minnow along the east channel and rt. 50 bridge.  There were good numbers of them throughout the day, and they were good fun to catch.  Schools of small blues were mixed in, especially in early morning and evening.

During periods of slack tide and mid day we switched our efforts to catching some flounder and tautog.  We fished 1/2 ounce jigs and gulp grubs for the floundrr with good success.  Chartreuse again seemed a favorite color of the fish.  The Tautog liked sand fleas and we managed a few nice fish for the Bay up to about 18 inches.

I will be fishing trips in  Ocean City for most  the Summer months, taking advantage of the variety of inshore fishing opportunites. Give me a call if you are headed that way , or are up for a day trip. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gunpowder River Fishing Report

Fly Fishing action remains hot this Spring on the Gunpowder.  Stream flows continue to be excellent with average flows the last few days around 125 or so.  Constant flows in the 100 cfs range always seem to help with the fishing.  The trout have alot more stream to use and seem more likely to come out of their typical tight hiding spots.

Adding to the good fly fishing is a consistent Sulfur mayfly hatch. The bugs have been hatching through the afternoon in good numbers.  Anglers have been taking advantage of good fishing with dries as the bugs hatch, and have had good success with nymphs and soft hackled wets in the morning hours.

On days we are lucky enough to have the bugs hatch early, we have seen an awesome spinner fall at dusk.  This is not the time of year to leave the stream early.  Sometimes you can catch as many fish in the last half hour as have taken all day.  Tell your significant others that they are on their own for dinner tonight, you have a date with the trout!

Some of my favorite sulfur patterns are very simple.  I like a CDC winged dun in size 14 or 16 as an all purpose dry.  It will take fish any time of day, including the spinnerfall.  I also like a loop winged emerger for tough fish, as it rides in the film.  Sometimes I add a little orange to the butt of the fly to imitate an egg sac.  This will often work on a finicky fish too.

Besides the Sulfurs, streamer fishing continues to be decent on the lower stretches of the C&R area.  Buggers and Zonkers work well fished hard on the banks and in the log jams. Midging fish can also be seen rising in the flat water throughout the stream , and pose a good challenge if you are up for it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Report

May has sprung the Sulfur mayfly hatch on the Gunpowder River to the delight of  fly fisherman who fish this hatch each year.  The hatch brings great dry fly fishing throughout the river on Spring evenings and continues typically through June.  Sulfurs are a favorite to fish being that they are large(relatively speaking) , visible bugs, and trout can be easily seen sipping them from the surface.

  The bugs start to apppear in early afternoon and can usually be seen hatching through evening.  Many fly fisherman on the Gunpowder River will stay until dark anticipating a spinner fall, when the bugs that hatched earlier die and fall to the stream as an easy meal.

 We use fly patterns that imitate all stages of the mayfly hatch.  Pheasant tail and other small dark nymphs in size 16 or 18 imitate the sulfur nymph and are good choices for morning fishing.   The emerging bugs are well imitated with a soft hackled wet fly like a partridge and yellow.  They work best when fished on the swing.  My favorite dry flies are cdc winged comparaduns in size 14 or 16, or a sulfur parachute.  The parachute doubles as agreat imitation of the sulfur spinner.  The photos above are from the past week's fishing.  We had good action on trips above Falls Rd, and had good reports from anglers fishing throughout the catch and release area. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Susquehanna Flats 2012 Photo Update

The 2012 Susquehanna Flats C&R season ended May 3.  The fishing remained great throughout the season, and we had some of our best fishing of the year the last few days.  Unfortunately, the state will not allow us to target stripers in the area again until May 16, when a one fish slot limit season comes into effect.  I have the boat on the trailer and am headed south on the bay to take advantage of some more great fishing in the Middle Chesapeake.

Through May we will be leaving to fish out of Kent Island and targeting rockfish in surrounding waters.  I expect more good fishing in the middle bay as we have experienced in recent years.  We will still have a shot at some great fish on both flies and light tackle.  Last year we had fish on the fly to 40+ inches.  

Thanks again to all of you who came out fishing on the flats this Spring. Hope to see you out fishing again soon. I tried to get everyone's picture up.  If you have any photos form your trips you would like to send, please do so I can include them. Jeff