Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River

Yes, it's cold. Yes, the fish are still eating. Today is the perfect day to catch the Little Black and Brown Stonefly haches on the Gunpowder River. Anytime form now through March, with temps in the high 40's into the 50's and with a bright sun, you can count on a stonefly hatch on the Gunpowder. Keep an eye out for the bugs dancing across the surface of the water trying to climb out onto the nearest branch or bank. Stoneflies are one of the most active bugs in flight of those that hatch on the Gunpowder. Try patterns with a brown or black body and a hairwing in grey for good success. Present the fly downstream, and on’t hesitate to skate it across the creek. Trout feeding on the stones are usually easy to spot, with splashy rises the norm trying to chase down the stones.

The Big Falls Rd access is a good spot to find the stoneflies. Try walking upstream, keep an eye on the water, logs and on your waders. It is not uncommon during a hatch to have the flies crawl right up your leg on their way to flight. When it gets just too cold, spend your time tying some flies. A grizzly hackle and some brown or black dubbing is all you need. Top the fly with a hair or quill wing on a size 14 or 16 dry fly hook and get at it.

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