Saturday, April 7, 2007

Early Spring Fly-Fishing Still Good on the Gunpowder

We’ll, since we can’t seem to get started striper fishing due to weather, we’ve been spending lots of time fishing the Gunpowder.  As I reported last week, the blackfly hatch on the upper reaches of the river has provided much of the action.  The fish are particularly  selective during this hatch, so you have to get creative with things.  I generally start with small dries in the size 20-22 range, and sometimes go as small as 24.  A pattern gray with black ribbing works good with a cdc or sparse antron wing.  sometimes I fish a pair of them, one bigger so I can see them.  At other times I will put the slightest amount of indicator putty about 6 inches above the fly if I have a hard time seeing it.

I got these pics of Charles Cooper and Jason Du Pont while they were fishing above Falls Rd.

If the dries just don’t work, you can always add a little bit of weight and fish your dries as nymphs/emergers under  a short indicator.  This technique was responsible for many of the trout these fellows caught this day.  Typical of the Gunpowder, not always monster trout, but unique in that they are streambred.  10-12 inchers are the norm, but always some big ones around. The blackflies will start to taper off with warmer weather, but we will look forward to our early Spring mayfly hatches.  Quill Gordons, and Hendricksons  will bw the first to appear.  For any of your Gunpowder River Fly-Fishing needs, be sure to stop by the Backwater Angler in Monkton MD.  Our riends there have the latest stream info. and best local fly patterns.

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