Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Fly-Fishing on the Savage River

Last week’s unseasonal temps made for some unusual January fishing opportunities. I ventured out to western Maryland one morning to the Savage River to fish on a day with near 70 degree temps. Western Maryland seldom sees temps like this through the winter months. Though water temps were chilly in the low 40s the sun and warm air woke some trout up just enough. I started fishing nymphs in the fly fishing only stretch of the Trophy Trout Area. In the first half hour or so I managed 2 nice brookies and about a 10 inch brown. I fished a pair of black bead head pheasant tails in a size 18. Not long after I dropped a really nice brown on the same rig. Here’s a couple that I caught.

The fishing was spotty, but I managed several more trout through the day, mostly brook trout.  I took a couple of fish on small dries as I saw some risers where the sun was hitting the water and a few midges were present.  Altogether a great way to spend a Winter day.  I got a good report from an angler who fished the upper Savage and also managed to catch some nice brook trout.   Flows were about 140-150 and wading, as always on the Savage, a real trick.  Keep an eye on the weather and you will be surprised at some of the great winter trout fishing when the temps are 50 and above for a few days with a high sun.

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