Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Fly Fishing Gunpowder River Maryland

We have been blessed with unusually mild temperatures in the central Maryland region this winter. Coupled with higher than average stream flows, conditions on the Upper Gunpowder River have been perfect for winter fly fishing.
Fly fisherman on the upper river above Falls rd. can expect to see a good bit of midge activity, especially on the 50 to 60 degree days like we have had in the last week or so. Black Stoneflies have begun to appear on sunny days throughout the catch and release area of the stream. Both offer anglers a shot at some dry fly fishing through February and March.
Popular patterns are many small, dark midge patterns in sizes 18 -22. Grizzly midges, griffiths gnats, and blackfly imitations will work well. Try substituting your summer trico patterns for blackflies, fish will often be fooled.
Quill winged , hair winged, or zlon winged stonefly patterns will take will take rising fish wherever you can find the bugs hatching. Bodies are dark brown or black. You might have to walk awhile to find some bugs hatching , but should find some risers if yo come across them. you can't miss the size 14 stones as the skate wildly across the water trying to gain flight.
March can also bring good fishing with all types of small nymphs. Many of the fish pictured here were taken fishing small dark nymphs under an indicator. Target areas where riffles fall deep.

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