Thursday, March 22, 2012

Susquehanna Flats Update

Still waiting for the stripers here in lovely Havre de Grace, MD, Susquehanna Flats shoreside.
I have been fishing the last two weeks on the flats, hoping the unseasonably warm weather would bring an early start to our flats season, but this has not been the case. Water temps and conditions are the best I have seen in years. Yesterday we had surface water temps consistent from 53 to 55 degrees, well warm enough to be catching fish. water clarity is also great, so I expect fast fishing when the fish do show up.
We have been catching some fish. Brad Gladfelter and I fished several times this week. One evening we caught 6 small rockfish, and Tuesday morning we caught 4. All of the fish were 16 to 20 inches and believe most of them to be resident fish. Alot of bait fish have shown up in recent days. White Perch have arrived in good numbers, as have some river herring and shad. I watched a few wading anglers catch several hickory shad in the Susquehanna yesterday evening at the mouth of Deer Creek. So things are just days away, and I will keep you posted as we get catching fish. Heading out now to try again.

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