Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Susquehanna Flats 2012 Photo Update

The 2012 Susquehanna Flats C&R season ended May 3.  The fishing remained great throughout the season, and we had some of our best fishing of the year the last few days.  Unfortunately, the state will not allow us to target stripers in the area again until May 16, when a one fish slot limit season comes into effect.  I have the boat on the trailer and am headed south on the bay to take advantage of some more great fishing in the Middle Chesapeake.

Through May we will be leaving to fish out of Kent Island and targeting rockfish in surrounding waters.  I expect more good fishing in the middle bay as we have experienced in recent years.  We will still have a shot at some great fish on both flies and light tackle.  Last year we had fish on the fly to 40+ inches.  

Thanks again to all of you who came out fishing on the flats this Spring. Hope to see you out fishing again soon. I tried to get everyone's picture up.  If you have any photos form your trips you would like to send, please do so I can include them. Jeff

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