Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ocean City Flounder Fishing, Gunpowder Trout

Find myself fishing for flounder alot in the coastal bays this Summer.  The last week has been decent fishing,  best as always on periods of clean water.   We have had great success fishing in the ocean when we can get there, but have been fishing more regularly in the bays the last week mostly due to wind on the days we have booked.

We continue to get alot of our better size fish on live spot.  Mullet and bunker have also brought some good fish. Fishing the deeper channels has proved best for us, but chasing cleaner cooler water always seems to be the way to the fish.  We have not tried much fly fishing for the flounder this year, though we have caught a few. 

More flounder fishing on hand for this week, so I will keep you posted on the fishing.

The fly fishing on the Gunpowder River has been decent.  We have caught some nice fish nymphing the last few trips, targeting the pocket water areas of the river.  Stream flows have dropped to near 30 cfs this week, so the fishing may get a little tougher. 

Still waiting on the Trico mayflies to show up in any kind of consistent numbers.Usually by now we have a decent morning hatch of the tiny bugs and the trout love them.  This year we have not seen much mostly due to the cooler than average water temps, low 50's  the last month or so.  Hoping the lower flows will warm the water enough to get the bugs going. 

For the meantime, small dark colored nymphs will take fish when fished below an indicator with proper weight.  Tungsten putty is a good choice on low flows as you can use the smallest amount of weight to get your nymphs where they need to be.

Terrestrials are not a bad bet either.  We took some nice fish the last trip out on beetle and ant patterns fished along logs and stream banks. Try early mornings and weekdays to avoid fishing pressure.

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