Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fly Fishing low flows on the Gunpowder River

Stream flows on the Gunpowder river have been low the last couple of weeks averaging about 39 cfs. Low flows make already wary trout even spookier and make for challenging fishing.  Despite the stream flows, we have been catching a bunch of fish.  We are seeing the last of our trico mayflies in the mornings and have scattered action on caddis through the day. There are lots of rising trout and we are having success on dries with a cautious approach. Best fly patterns have been cdc tricos in size 22 and size 18 or 20 henryville specials.

Small nymphs have been working well in the pocket water.  We have been fishing dropper nymph rigs under an indicator with added weight when needed.  Small seems to be the bet lately and our best flies have been size 20 and 22 zebra midges and other pupa patterns.  Small pheasant tails have been working well too.

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