Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gunpowder River, Great Flows, Late Summer Fly Fishing

I have spent much of the last week fishing trips with folks on the Gunpowder.   We have been real lucky this August, and so far this month, to have great stream flow levels.  The moderate flows ranging from about 100 to 140cfs have been cause for some great trout fishing.  I have argued for years that if we only had these moderate stream flows all season, our already awesome trout fishery would become even better.  I have guided fisherman on the Gunpowder for 13 years, and can say for sure that the fish feed more actively, and the fishing is ten fold better during these periods.  We always seem to catch more and larger trout , and I don’t even mind flows up to 200.  That said, the fishing  has been great, when you fish early and late and stay away from traffic.  We saw great hatches of both tricos and caddis all of the last 2 weeks especially in the early morning hours.  For those naysayers who don’t think we have tricos on the Gunpowder, you obviously aren’t morning people.  We had swarms of tricos from 7:30 to 9:30 am all last week.  The caddis were hatching right in the mix, tans and olives in size 16.  The fish usually take the tricos in the slacker water, caddis in the riffles.

We caught lots of trout, browns from 6 to 16 inches, and lots of the newest stocked fingerling Kamloops rainbows while fishing above Falls Rd.  Our best flies were a size 16 x caddis in tan, and a 20 reverse hackle trico.  Mid day a pair of pheasant tail nymphs in a dropper rig worked fine.  Get out there and fish while it is good.  Go during the week, if you can’t, go early am on the weekends.

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