Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gearing up for the Fall Bite

We’ll if you have waited all year to get out fishing, now is the time.  The fall brings us some of the best fly fishing of the season around Maryland and the Delmarva Coast.  By far my favorite time of year to fish, I spend lots of time both on the trout streams around the state, and on the Chesapeake Bay chasing Stripers on their way south for the winter season.  The fishing stays great well into the late fall and early winter, so don’t put your fly rods away yet.  Now is the time to fish.

Cheasapeake Bay Fall Fly Fishing Update 

The fishing in and around some of my favorite spots on the Bay has been slow getting started for the fall.  Water temps have been really warm for this time of the year, and the normal push of baitfish and fall stripers have been slow to arrive.  Up until the last day or two water temps were still 72 -75 degrees.  I’m sure the last few cool nights have dropped temps a bit, and I hope to see some better fishing any day now.  To be fair, I have spent much more time fishing trips on the Gunpowder than on the bay, but my last few times out the fishing has been lackluster targeting mostly the Middle Chesapeake.   I know the folks fishing live bait have been catching some decent fish, but the typical bunches of bait and breaking fish we like to fish on the fly are just showing up.  I postponed a few trips this past week, but will fishing hard here the next few days.  I will keep you posted with some pics and updates on the fishing.  I hope to contact those of you who fish with me often as things get hot.  Hope to see you out this fall.

Gunpowder River Update

Stream flows on the Gunpowder remain high due to the need for water in Loch Raven Reservoir.  300 as of yesterday. With high flows , however, comes some good fishing so get out there while you can.  I have seen some of the biggest fish I have seen in years get caught the last few weeks on the Gunpowder.  Several over 20 inches ( check some out at )  Streamers and nymphs are still working well as I reported recently.  The fall is always good fishing as our steambred browns get aggresive and are adorned with their spawning colors. Here are a few shots of some pretty Gunpowder browns.

Also pictured is a kamloops strain rainbow trout that you might come across while ishing the upper river. The rainbows were stocked as fingerlings with hopes of starting some new rainbow trout reproduction in the river.  We already have some limited rainbow reproduction. Good Luck Fishing.

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