Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Update

Great Flows ,Trout Fishing on the G.P.

As I have reported the last month or so, the fishing on the G.P. has been great, again due mostly to excellent stream flows.  Flows have been steady due to the lack of rain and the need for water in Loch Raven Reservoir.  For now, a good thing as we still have a good clip of water in Prettyboy, athough losing capacity each day.  Some good rain would really help our cause heading into the fall. Unfortunately for the last few days, flows have been way up around 350 cfs, making wading a tough chore.  However, the fishing remains good, just be careful if you go.

I’ve spent most of the last three weeks taking trips on the Gunpowder.  We have had ssteady morning hatches of tricos and caddis all through September, offering lots of dry fly action.  The fish taking the tricos are tough, as they tend to the glassy water making them tough to fool.  You can find fish rising to caddis in most of the riffles making for a bit easier fishing.   I like a size 16 x caddis overall in tan or olive as a go to fly.  Keep it floating high.  Had some success last week during a hatch of flying ants.  A snowshoe winged ant pattren w/ a brown body took fish during this episode which I see from time to time.

Overall , though, I stick to nymphing for the most consistent fishing.  Day in day out nymphs will catch you lots of fish on the Gunpowder.   I like a size 16 pheasant tail fished in a dropper rig along with another larger attractor type nymph, you pick.  Don’t be afraid to use some weight.  Most of the time you need more, not less weight.  I always use an indicator too, and strike at anything.  Most of the sports I have had fishing in the last few weeks have been able to catch using the high stick nymphing method.

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