Thursday, April 17, 2008

Susquehanna Flats Update

We have been fishing steady on the flats the last week with varied success. This past weekend brought some good fishing for those who put forth the effort.  The larger fish being caught on lures and flies are being taken in mostly shallow water.  Early morning and late evening have been good for fishing these areas in 3 to 6 feet of water. Many fish are falling for large surface plugs and some taking other lures and flies. Though spotty, if you are in the right spot you can definately move some fish.

We had some schoolie size fish show up and they offered fast paced fly fishing action for a few days.  We had some fish good fish on the fly up to about 12 lbs.   We fished mostly staple patterns like half and halfs and decievers.  This week has been tougher since the early week north winds, and I am hoping for some good action in the next few days.

Water conditions are excellent.  We have good temperature and clarity, and really just need a good push of fish to make for some good fishing.  I will keep you posted as we go.  Trying to put together a video update to give you a look at some of the fishing.  Good weather forecast for the next few days.  Hopefully good fishing too.

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