Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gunpowder River Fishing June 6

Fished the GP for the second time this week. Have tried to fish the afternoon, evening hours in hopes of catching what remains of the sulfur hatch.  Weekend flows on the river were over 900 cfs for Saturday due to rains and spillover at the Prettyboy Reservoir Dam.  Spillover is not a good thing this time of year as stream water temps increase drastically.  Temps on Saturday went form 52 degrees to almost 70 degrees, before starting to falll again Sunday.   The trout were obviously shaken by the abrupt change, and our fishing success on Monday was poor.  We landed one brown about a foot long, but had very few actively rising or feeding fish.  Flows were about 200.

Yesterday afternoon was a big change thankfully.  We began fishing at 1 pm and upon arriving on the stream saw numerous risers and some sulfur mayflies hatching. Though not a blanket hatch by any means, there were plenty of bugs to get the fish moving. 

We took several browns on a dry CDC sulfur pattern in size 14 , and missed a bunch more.  Most of the fish we saw rising would at least give our fly a look. We also had some takes on a loop winged  CDC emerger.  Water temps were back in the low 50s and it looks like things might get back to normal.  Trying the evening tonight with hopes of catching the spinner fall.

Had some company on stream today as some blue herons stealthily hunted the riffles.  They were obviously not practicing catch and release.  Watched one pick off a trout in a foot deep portion of creek with little effort.

Ran across this water snake on the bank too.  Looked like he was fat from a recent meal , maybe a trout.  I sometimes see these snakes tumbling downstream during summer months with trout in their mouths.  Always amazed that they can somehow catch them. Keep you posted on the fishing.  Jeff

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