Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gunpowder River Fishing June 9

Fished the Gunnpowder through mid afternoon Monday and had some prettty good fishing.  Saw the first of the Trico mayflies for the year, swarming over a riffle above Falls Rd.  This is a good sign, and hopefully the tiny mayflies will greet us with some good fishing on Summer mornings through July and August.

There were not many trout rising in the late morning on the stream, so we targeted them with some small pheasant tail nympha, and sulfur emerger patterns.  We had good successs almost immediately in the pocket water and landed a handful of foot long browns

We started to see the first of the Sulfur Mayflies  hatch around 1pm and has some fishing for rising trout in selected areas.  There was not a strong hatch stream wide, but  in areas whwere there were decent numbers of bugs, trout rose well.  We caught some fish and had a number of takes  on our dry flies using a variety of sulfur dun patterns.  Hopefully the Sulfurs will hold on for a few more weeks.


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